Monday, March 30, 2009

Art and Lies!

Art and Lies by Jeanette Winterson

Post-modernism = very collage-like, juxtaposes passages without explanation.
Genre-fiction indicates a formulaic approach to writing.

What literature, what art, is great and why? The place of greatness and artist in conjunction with literature. It is hard to see greatness as widely defined, as seen in those around them. Emerson - in a great person an individual sees their own alienated majesty. People have artistic thoughts and great desires, but convince themselves that they are not great and then go out and worship other people's "great" art (such as Shakespeare). This is because they have projected themselves outward onto someone else. They love themselves by loving someone else. They can't bear to see how great they are. Lots of people's projections, hopes, and dreams are put into a select few.

Why can't we recognize the artistry and greatness in ordinary people?
Playing for Change - A good example of beautiful artistry in common people

We should all consider the possibility of seeing everything we read as great art and treating it as such!

Piece from Art by Jeanette Winterson - She was enthralled by all art. It is a foreign city and we are foolish to think we know it fully. We should not force our ideas onto the culture of art, but live our whole life open to learning and understanding.

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